Villa Musica brings Dr. Suzuki's philosophy alive for young musicians and their families. Lucy and Penny Adeney and their team of music teachers are passionate, dedicated and bring an unbelievable amount of enthusiasm to their programmes.

The Music Cottage provides a truly holistic and caring approach to developing children to have a great love and appreciation of music from newborns through to students aged 18. They realised they needed to shift from their old name and brand look as it was not reflecting the evolution of the schools full offering. The client had come up with their new name and engaged us to further define their brand offering, persona and visuals.

The Brand Identity System needed to stand out from competition and move away from more traditional and expected motifs. It was an opportunity to define Villa Musica as a contemporary, dynamic music school. The ELC part of the school was to retain the original name and fall under the new master brand, Villa Musica. We created a system that allows the inclusion of this sub brand and for future branding of individual music programs whilst still communicating the creativity of the school.

STRATEGY Industry Research
CREATIVE Visual Identity  / Art Direction / Brand Book & Guidelines / Corporate Collateral
ACTIVATION Signage / EDM Templates / Internal Templates   

New Brand
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