Miranda approached me to guide her through creating a name, brand and online strategy for her soon to be launched HR consulting business.
Collaborating with my copywriter, we guided Miranda through a branding workshop to define her unique offering within the HR field. From this session, we presented a refined number of name suggestions and decided upon Canopy Consulting. The rationale was; a canopy is something that protects & nourishes, is caring and thoughtful, strong, agile and reliable, fostering all different animals and plants with different needs, strengths and weaknesses, which reflected Miranda's style of HR.
We created a dynamic and considered brand palette whilst traditional in design, is modern in its application.
A unique supplementary brand pattern with lush foliage, rich in individual & unique animals with a Luxe/Art Deco feel brings some energy and individuality to the otherwise established and corporate feel.
Once the branding was established it was applied to all of her collateral including website, brochures, business cards, stationary, note pads, promotional items, canva templates and more.
We guided Miranda through 'social media 101' sessions, to give her the framework, skills and confidence to run her own blogs and LinkedIn with direction and professionalism.
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