I have a passion for creating powerful brands, and a strong belief that branding makes a fundamental difference to business performance.
In my (many) years of experience in design and marketing, I have seen too many businesses write their story backwards, focusing on shiny logos and quirky marketing campaigns that might look good, but don’t connect with their people to make them want to take action or champion the brand. A powerful brand has meaning. Every brand has a story, and we exist to help you tell it, make your mark on the world and succeed.
I have a passion  for excellence, doing things in the right order, and a strong belief in the importance of what we do. Nailing your brand strategy is a critical first step before committing to design, marketing and promotions. Businesses need to understand why they exist, what problems they solve, and why should people care. 
Powerful branding plays a crucial role in achieving business success. If you know your X-factor - what makes you remarkable to staff, customers and the world - and can communicate this as part of your brand experience, you will stand out.
BRAND STRATEGY Define your story - Why you exist, what problem you solve and why people should care
BRAND IDENTITY DESIGN Build, refresh or evolve your Visual Identity around your Brand Strategy
BRAND BITES Jumping in and helping businesses where they need it - Brand audits and reviews / Brand implementation plans / Integrated campaigns for launch / Internal launch campaign and communications / Employer branding/employee engagement / Brand naming
WORKSHOPS AND PRESENTATIONS Executive Brand briefings / Brand workshops / Employer Brand workshops / Values workshops
DIGITAL  Website design & content structure  / Marketing collateral development / Pitch decks/Presentations / Internal communications templates Email marketing / E-newsletter templates / Social media branding & content templates / Zoom call backgrounds
PRINT DESIGN Print Design / Brochures and marketing collateral / Promotional items - pens, badges, stickers, ribbons and more (exciting) things. / Product packaging / Corporate gift boxes
SIGNAGE & MERCHANDISE Signage / Vehicle signage / Pull-up banners / Team uniforms/apparel / Company merchandise and more.

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